Here is my first guided shot with my new set-up. I used a program called “GuideDog” which is a freeware software to guide the mount. It worked very well, I was able to use all 12 five minute exposures. This is my first time imaging this area of Orion, I would like to use a Ha filter next night I am out and obtain more data. Want to bed around 3:00am Friday morning only to raise at around 7:00am to go to work.. yawn. Dan Doolan

March 2007


NGC2024 Flame and Horse Head Nebula


January  2006

NGC2024 Flame and Horse Head Nebula

Date/Location: January, 26, 2006 Doolan/Stargate II Observatory (Remotely)  

Caledon, Ontario

Instrument: Orion EDO80mm piggy-backed on a Meade 12" RCX-400 Focal

Ratio: Approx. f7.5

Guiding: GuideDog 1.0.6 freeware using the Mintron Video Camera and WINTV adapter

Conditions: Visually clear

Weather: - 17 degrees Celsius, calm - steady seeing all night

Camera: Canon 350XT (non-modified); no filter

Exposure: 12X5 min - Total 1 hour

Processing: Focused and captured with DSLRFocus. RAW to TIFF conversion, frame calibrations, alignment and stacking, with

ImagesPlus.  Unsharpe mask; High Colour Gradient Removal, Local

Contrast Enhancement. In Photoshop CS; Noise reduction with NeatImage.