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                Hi Jacob, Zach and Noah!!.. Thanks to Laurie Ann my wife for buying my first scope!!
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Thanks for visiting my web page, I hope you enjoy the images and these images inspire you look-up into the starry night and take in the pure satisfaction of looking up and realizing that you our part of a wonderful Universe.

Some of my earlier Images below...

How I got started...

Back in 2002,  my dear wife surprised me with a new Meade DS-114 reflector telescope. Since I have always been interested in Astronomy since I was kid the transition was very satisfying but not without a few frustrating moments. Their was much more to Observing then just pointing to an object and looking. Their was a skill all on its own which I am still working on improving. Needless to say I was hooked, and then purchased a number of Terence Dickinson books to learn the hobby of stargazing and astronomy.  It did not take long before my pocket book once again opened and I purchased a brand new LX-10 8”SCT from Meade, strong optically but I was impatient with learning the sky so I upgraded to the Meade LX90 “Goto” scope. 

I remember the first time I saw Saturn with my own eyes in the LX10 - 8"  It was about 4:30am in the morning when I was checking in on my son who woke up in the middle of night. After he settled I looked out his window facing the south-east. I saw that Saturn was up so I dragged the LX10 out on the deck since I was already awake now. "oh is incredible.." I had tears in my eyes, it was truly a beautiful sight to behold I shall never forget that moment.

I was hooked! 

The LX-90 was a fantastic scope but since I was now starting to image, the idea of an electric micro-focuser and mirror lock sounded appealing not to mention the new UHTC coating from Meade... so I purchased the new LX200 10” GPS w/UHTC. Not only did I get the eyepiece special from Meade but now  I had a scope that I could fully control from inside the house using Starry Night Pro and Astroplanner software. K3CDD and Registax software mainly.

Back in  Sept. 2005,  I purchased the new RC design by Meade the RCX400 12" first one in Canada I was told.  Wow, what a scope... check it here  since then I have sold it (2008)  and now use the Orion 80EDO Refractor mounted on a Orion EQ-6. This is better suited to the Great Lake Skies (poor transparency) of Southern Ontario.


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