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Moon 5.6 days old 03.04.2006


Meade RCX400 Webcam - 12.06.2005

 Saturn 03.27.2006

Meade RXC400 Webcam

MARS - 11.04.2005 RCX400 - WEBCAM stacked poor seeing

Jupiter - 02.25.2005 Meade LX200 GPS 10"/Webcam

This is a shot I took last year on 02.25.2005. Jupiter of course with Europa and her shadow. Double on the image to enlarge.


JUNE 8TH - Sun & Venus 2004

Venus Transit Venus Transiting the Sun and a passing bird June 8th 6:32am eastern time as seen from the top of Mount Chingacousy  in Brampton, Ontario. 


Venus - April 10th 9:21PM 2004

Poor Seeing - Acquired using a WEBCAM (Iris) 43 frames stacked using Registax.

Jupiter and her moons "Europa and IO"

  Processed in PSP

Date: March 22nd 2004

Time: 9:08 eastern

423 Frames Stacked in Registax, wavelet applied Processed in Photoshop 5.5

Meade LX200 10 GPS  Vesta Webcam  Televue Barlow 2.5x

Saturn (click on image)

Saturn 02242004 (Processed in PSP)

Feb 27th 2004 10:31pm Brampton, Ontario, 7 out of 10 transparency, 5 out of 10 Seeing

Vesta Pro Barlow Televue 2.5 (Collimated Scope, and realigned to polar).

Saturn  (747 frames stacked in Registax)


Jupiter Feb 27th 2004

WEBCAM VESTA PRO  frames stacked in Registax

Feb 24th Pre collimation and alignment

WEBCAM VESTA PRO Feb. 24 frames stacked in Registax

New Mintron Video Camera

Nov. 8th 2004 Lunar Eclipse One Frame 8:06 pm

Vesta Pro - Saturn 1/30/2003 11:42 pm

Check it out! New Process using Registax manual, PSP, and NEAT.


Mars (Click on image) Vesta Pro WEBCAM 400 frames stacked in Registax

Mars Vesta Pro Webcam (Aug. 24th) 320 frames stacked and processed in Registax



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