CCD Imaging 
                Now guiding 10 minutes for single exposureMitty Evolution Wedge

All shots acquired using the Meade RCX 400 12"

July 22nd 2006 (Reprocessed)

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Above - M57 Cropped Wide Field (45 minutes) RING NEBULA taken on June 30th

Telescope: RCX400 12" f8 Prime Focus - Guided Canon Rebel XT


M27 - M27 Dumbbell Nebula June 15th (1hour exposure)

M3 - June 4th (3 x 10 minute exposures)


M51 - June 5th - 50 min exposure - Canon XT Rebel


Great Hercules Globular Cluster M13 - Acquired May 22, 2006

 30 min exposure - Canon XT Rebel (Used RC XgradientTerminator)

Moon - Waxing Crescent 5.66 days old 03/04/2006

Webcam shot of Mars

click on photo RCX400 /Webcam

Mars crossing Aries Poor seeing (110 frames used from 600 taken 12/08/2005)

Earlier Attempts below:

Albireo and Beta Cygni - 09.19. 2005 RCX400 12"/Rebel XT

M57 Ring nebula - 09.21.2005 RCX400/Rebel XT/Ha filter

Beautiful Colour of Albireo and Beta Cygni taken with the Canon Rebel XT.

M13 Hercules Globular Cluster - 08.2005 RCX400 12"/Rebel XT

 M57 Ring Nebula - 08.2005 RCX400 12"/Rebel XT